Franz Edelman Laureates: Class of 1982


Team: Arizona Department of Transportation
Paper: A Statewide Pavement Management System
Laureates: Kamal Golabi, Optima, Inc.
Ram B. Kulkarni, Woodward-Clyde Consultants
George B. Way, Arizona Department of Transportation


Team: AT&T Long Lines
Paper: The Development, Testing, and Execution Of A New Marketing Strategy At AT&T Long Lines
Laureates: Alan P. Kuritsky, AT&T Long Lines
John D.C. Little, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Alvin J. Silk, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Emily S. Bassman, AT&T Long Lines 
Team: District of Columbia Public Service
Paper: Developing Generation Construction Plans for the Potomac Electric Power Company: Management Science In Utility Regulation
Laureates: Joseph S. Graves, Resource Planning Associates, Inc.
Team: Exxon Company
Paper: Site Energy Optimization, A Math Programming Approach
Laureates: W.L. McMahan, Exxon Company
P.A. Roach, Exxon Company 
Team: New England Merchants Leasing Corporaton
Paper: A Lease Portfolio Planning Model
Laureates: Bruce D. Smith, New England Merchants Leasing Corporation
Team: Standard Oil Company
Paper: Tinker Toys and Christmas Trees: Opening A New Merchandising Package For Amoco Oil Company
Laureates: James S. Dyer, The University of Texas at Austin
Richard N. Lund, Standard Oil Company