Franz Edelman Laureates: Class of 1984


Team: Blue Bell, Inc.
Paper: Blue Bell Trims its Inventory
Laureates: Jerry R. Edwards, Blue Bell, Inc.
Harvey M. Wagner, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
William P. Wood
Team: The Netherlands Rijkswaterstaat & the Rand Corporation
Paper: Planning the Netherlands' Water Resources
Laureates: Bruce F. Goeller, The Rand Corporation 


Team: Emergency Medical Services Department of Austin, TX
Paper: Determining Emergency Medical Service Vehicle Deployment in Austin, Texas
Laureates: David J. Eaton, University of Texas at Austin
Mark S. Daskin, Northwestern University
Dennis Simmons, City of Austin
Bill Bulloch, Nash, Phillips-Corpus Company
Glen Jansma, Jansma Consulting, Inc.
Team: Monsanto Corporation
Paper: Optimizing Chemical Production at Monsanto
Laureates: Raymond F. Boykin, Monsanto
Team: Pfizer, Inc.
Paper: Development and Implementation of An Integrated Inventory Management Program At Pfizer Pharmaceuticals
Laureates: Peter P. Kleutghen, Pfizer, Inc.
J.C. McGee, Pfizer, Inc.
Team: United States Air Force
Paper: Improving Utilization of Air Force Cargo Aircraft
Laureates: Douglas D. Cochard, United States Air Force
Kirk A. Yost, United States Air Force