Franz Edelman Laureates: Class of 1987


Team: Syntex Laboratories, Inc.
Paper: Sales Force Sizing and Deployment Using a Decision Calculus Model at Syntex Laboratories
Laureates: Leonard M. Lodish, University of Pennsylvania
Ellen Curtis, Syntex Laboratories
Michael Ness, Sola-Syntex Opthalmics
M. Kerry Simpson, Information Resources, Inc.


Team: LTV Steel Company
Paper: A Scheduling Model for LTV Steel's Cleveland Works' Twin Strand Continuous Slab Caster
Laureates: Richard E. Box, Philip Morris, USA
Donald G. Herbe, Jr., LTV Steel Company
Team: North American Van Lines
Paper: Maximizing Profits for North American Van Lines' Truckload Division: A New Framework for Pricing and Operations
Laureates: Warren B. Powell, Princeton University
Yosef Sheffi, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Kenneth S. Nickerson, Stanford University
Kevin Butterbaugh, North American Van Lines
Susan Atherton, North American Van Lines
Team: Office of Technology Assessment
Paper: Postal Automation (ZIP+4) Technology: A Decision Analysis
Laureates: Jacob W. Ulvila, Decision Science Consortium, Inc.
Team: United States Army
Paper: The U.S. Army's Occupational Speciality Manpower Decision Support System
Laureates: Amir Elger, General Research Corporation
Jonathan M. Jacobs, General Research Corporation
Donald B. Chung, United States Army
James L. Selsor, ANSER, Inc.