Franz Edelman Laureates: Class of 1990


Team: Health Care Financing Administration
Paper: Diagnosis Related Groups: Understanding Hospital Performance
Laureates: Robert B. Fetter, Yale University


Team: American Airlines (ASAS)
Paper: American Airlines Arrival Slot Allocation System (ASAS)
Laureates: Alberto Vasquez-Marquez, American Airlines
Team: American Airlines
Paper: Recent Advances in Crew-Pairing Optimization at American Airlines
Laureates: Ranga Anbil, American Airlines
Eric Gelman, American Airlines
Bruce Patty, American Airlines
Rajan Tanga, American Airlines
Team: Kodak Australasia
Paper: Planning the Cutting of Photographic Color Paper Rolls for Kodak (Australasia) Pty. Ltd.
Laureates: A.A. Farley, Monash University/Alternative Management Solutions
Team: L.L. Bean, Inc.
Paper: Allocating Telecommunications Resources at L.L. Bean, Inc.
Laureates: Phillip Quinn, L.L. Bean, Inc.
Bruce Andrews, Unviersity of Southern Maine
Henry Parsons, University of Southern Maine
Team: Reynolds Metals Company
Paper: The Indispensable Role of Management Science in Centralizing Freight Operations at Reynolds Metals Company
Laureates: E. William Moore, Jr., Reynolds Metals Company
Janice M. Warmke, Reynolds Metals Company
Lonny R. Gorbanm, Reynolds Metals Company
Team: Southern Company Services
Paper: Using an Optimization Software to Lower Overall Electric Production Cost for Southern Company
Laureates: S.R. Erwin, Southern Company Services
J.S. Griffith, Southern Company Services
J.T. Wood, Southern Company Services
K.D. Le, ABB Power Systems, Inc.
J.T. Day, ABB Power Systems, Inc.
C.K. Yin, ABB Power Systems, Inc.