Franz Edelman Laureates: Class of 1994


Team: Tata Iron & Steel Company
Paper: Strategic and Operational Management with Optimization at Tata Steel
Laureates: Gopal P. Sinha, The Tata Iron & Steel Company Ltd
B.S. Chandrasekaran, The Tata Iron & Steel Company Ltd
Niloy Mitter, The Tata Iron & Steel Company Ltd
Goutam Dutta, Northwestern University
Sudhir B. Singh, The Tata Iron & Steel Company Ltd
Aditya Roy Choudhury, The Tata Iron & Steel Company Ltd
P.N. Roy, The Tata Iron & Steel Company Ltd 


Team: Bellcore
Paper: SONET Toolkit: A Decision Support System for Designing Robust and Cost-Effective Fiber-Optics Networks
Laureates: Steven Cosares, Dowling College
David N. Deutsch, Bellcore
Iraj Saniee, Bellcore
Ondria J. Wasem, Bellcore
Team: Chinese State Planning Commission and the World Bank
Paper: Planning China's Coal and Electricity Delivery System
Laureates: Michael Kuby, Arizona State University
Shi Qingqi, State Planning Commission
Thawat Watanatada, The World Bank
Team: Digital Equipment Corporation
Paper: Global Supply Chain Management at Digital Equipment Corporation
Laureates: Bruce C. Arntzen, Digital Equipment Corporation
Gerald G. Brown, Naval Postgraduate School
Terry P. Harrison, Penn State University
Linda L. Trafton, Digital Equipment Corporation  
Team: Hanshin Expressway Public Corporation
Paper: The Traffic-Control System on the Hanshin Expressway
Laureates: Tsuyoshi Yoshino, Hanshin Expressway Public Corporation
Tsuna Sasaki, Kinki University
Toshiharu Hasegawa, Kyoto University 
Team: United States Army
Paper: An Analytical Approach to Reshaping the United States Army
Laureates: Anthony Durso, Anthony Durso Associates, Inc.
Scott F. Donahue, Directorate of Military Personnel Management