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Forecasting Software Survey
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Product Data Handling
Import Reads Excel files automatically (besides "cut-paste")?
Reads CSV files Supports database connectivity Supports cloud connectivity Is there a maximum number of observations in time-series? If yes, how many? Reads Excel files automatically (besides "cut-paste")? No, does not reads Excel files automatically. If not, what modifications must be made? (i.e., user must save as earlier version, insert additional information in certain rows and/or columns, etc.) Please specify.
Analytic Solver Data Mining y y y y Limited by license, otherwise memory y    
Analytica y y y     y    
Autobox y         y    
Azure ML Package for Forecasting y y y     y    
DPL y y       y    
EViews y y y y 120,000,000 y    
Forecast Pro y y       y    
iqast forecast desktop & iqast forecast server y y y n   y   Various import wizzards from Excel exists to import.
Logility Voyager Solutions y y y     y    
Optimal Scientist   y   y 999   y Input data are saved in data base records.
OxMetrics Enterprise y     y 32-bit: 2.68x10^8 elements y    
RASON Data Mining y y y y Limited by license, otherwise memory y    
RoadMap Global Planning Solution - 360   y y       y DTS Package
SAS Forecast Server y y y     y    
Smart Inventory Planning and Optimization     y       y Raw transaction files
SOLVENTURE LIFe - Leading indicator forecasting software y y y       y export to CSV File
Stata y   y y Depending on the flavor of Stata, 2.14 billion to 20 billion. y    
Statgraphics y y       y    
Stratus y         y    
Vanguard Forecast Server y y y     y    
XLMiner SDK y y y y Limited only by memory y    

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