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Forecasting Software Survey
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Product Data Handling (continued)
Exports output to Excel file Exports output to CSV file Exports session output (i.e., entire output can be saved as a Word, RTF file, etc.) Exports: Please specify formats.
Analytic Solver Data Mining y y y Excel workbook, PMML
Analytica y y y  
Autobox y   y  
Azure ML Package for Forecasting y y y ipynb and any of its derivatived
DPL y y y Bitmaps, Windows Metafile (PowerPoint Optimized)
Forecast Pro y y y Supports a wide variety of output formats including text, spreadsheets, ODBC, XML, etc.
EViews y y y  
iqast forecast desktop & iqast forecast server y y y  
Logility Voyager Solutions y y y PDF and Excel
Optimal Scientist     y text
OxMetrics Enterprise y y y  
RASON Data Mining     y REST API, all analysis input and output in JSON.
RoadMap Global Planning Solution - 360 y      
SAS Forecast Server y y y SAS can export to virtually any file format.
Smart Inventory Planning and Optimization y y    
SOLVENTURE LIFe - Leading indicator forecasting software   y y  
Stata y y y Stata output can be exported to pdf, excel, word, html, and latex.
Statgraphics y y y RTF, HTML
Vanguard Forecast Server y y y Stackable charts. Zoomable charts
XLMiner SDK   y y PMML, JSON

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