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Forecasting Software Survey
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Product Describe recent trends or market demands that are reshaping the forecasting software space How do you view the increased adoption of open-source forecasting tools? How is it affecting your company and the industry?
Analytic Solver Data Mining Growth in use by non-statisticians, business analysts and "citizen data scientists"; growing interest in deployment via Tableau and Power BI dashboards. Open source is not really a factor for Analytic Solver, since its users prefer "point and click" to coding in R and Python.
Analytica   Analytica users like the influence diagram interface and intelligent arrays, which are not available in open-source tools
Autobox   Automatic Forecasting Systems, Inc.
Azure ML Package for Forecasting    
EViews   Anything that improves practitioners ability to accurately forecast is a good thing. We have not noticed it affecting our market (yet?!)
Forecast Pro There is a growing demand for forecasting software that offers significant database and reporting functionality and can therefore be used to facilitate collaborative forecasting and ongoing corporate processes such as such as sales and operations planning (S&OP), demand planning and supply chain optimization. In academia R has facilitated wider access to forecasting research and methodology. In business open-source tools are not often used and sometimes their use is prohibited due to perceived liability issues.
iqast forecast desktop & iqast forecast server    
Logility Voyager Solutions Using a mix of forecasting techniques is essential for companies to succeed in today's complex marketplace. The use and implementation of artificial intelliegence and self-learning algorithms will continue to accelerate supply chain planning as companies try to stay ahead of future challenges.  
Optimal Scientist    
OxMetrics Enterprise    
RASON Data Mining Growth of web and mobile applications is creating demand for cloud services and APIs like RASON (RESTful Analytic Solver Object Notation). Open source forecasting has had limited effect; open source JavaScript libraries have fueled demand for RASON and cloud services.
RoadMap Global Planning Solution - 360 Forecasting demand by individual patients and customers. R is fast becoming a global standard that all vendors must interface with, similar to Excel.
SAS Forecast Server Need for large-scale automation to handle more time series and more data. Interest in evaluation capabilities and metrics, such as Forecast Value Added analysis, to properly evaluate performance and guide improvement opportunities. SAS augments open source with an enterprice analytics platform, offering integration features that leverage the power of open source applications. Programming savvy data scientists can utilize the breadth of SAS analytics to enhance their forecasting more visualization, analysis, and reporting capabilities.
Smart Inventory Planning and Optimization Forecasting in support of inventory optimization  
SOLVENTURE LIFe - Leading indicator forecasting software With a global environment that is changing everyday it is important to know what is affecting your demand and business. The ability to include external information in the forecasting and demand planning practices becomes vital. Solventure LIFe enables you to detect what external drivers are important for your business and how you can use them to optimize your forecast accuracy. We are building our software on open-source forecasting tools. There are many advantages such as the ability to independently verifying and discussing the implementation. It enables researchers to easily create extensions for open-source software.
Stratus   Statgraphics Technologies, Inc.
Vanguard Forecast Server Demand sensing, Big Data, machine learning, workflow management, collaboration, S&OP/IBP We integrate with open-source forecasting tools, such as R. As a comprehensive forecasting and planning plaform, ease of integration is critical in order to be 'future proof'.
XLMiner SDK Growth in use by non-statisticians, business analysts and "citizen data scientists". Open source is neutral to positive for us: Our customers want commercial support and generally prefer C# and Java to R and Python.

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