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Forecasting Software Survey
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Product Pricing
License Type and Evaluation
License type and evaluation: none Commercial license Educational license Can user download a "trial version" of the software Pricing model (i.e. one-time fee, subscription based) Specify pricing model
Analytic Solver Data Mining   y y y y Subscription based.
Analytica   y y y y Subscription
Autobox   y y y y We offer one-time or subscription
Azure ML Package for Forecasting       y y Free if used on Azure cloud
DPL   y y y    
EViews   y y y    
Forecast Pro   y y y y Perpetual license with optional annual M&S
iqast forecast desktop & iqast forecast server   y y y y Various pricing models exist, from perpetual named user license to SaaS.
Logility Voyager Solutions         y  
Optimal Scientist   y y   y One-time $595 for Windows version
OxMetrics Enterprise   y y y y Perpetual and time limited licenses available for purchase
RASON Data Mining   y   y y Free size-limited license (cloud-based, not a download); paid subscriptions offer more capacity.
RoadMap Global Planning Solution - 360   y y   y Initial License Plus Maintenance or Subscription
SAS Forecast Server   y y   y Platform dependent pricing; free to students and professors via SAS University Edition (
Smart Inventory Planning and Optimization         y Subscription
SOLVENTURE LIFe - Leading indicator forecasting software       y y  
Stata   y y y y varies
Statgraphics   y y y y One-time and annual
Stratus   y y y y subsciption
Vanguard Forecast Server   y     y Annual subscription based on application version and number of Users/Viewers
XLMiner SDK   y   y y Subscription based + runtime licenses.

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