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Forecasting Software Survey
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Product New features and enhancements since June 2016 Comments
Analytic Solver Data Mining Full cloud version; multi-step "workflows" in visual editor; full PMML support; ensembles of many algorithms; enhanced/deep neural networks. Analytic Solver offers easy to use forecasting, data mining, simulation and optimization, in Excel, Tableau and Power BI.
Analytica Many new features in release 5.0, including easier user interaction, and text analysis functions  
Autobox Histograms of simulated forecasts for each period out forecast. We have continued to learn and tweak the underlying algorithm.  
Azure ML Package for Forecasting Entire product was built after June 2016  
DPL Probability estimation from frequency data, multiple objective functions, initial decision alternatives time series percentiles chart  
EViews None (May 2016 was last release)  
Forecast Pro Automatic dynamics optimization for regression and improvements to diagnostics, graphing, exception reporting and database functionality. Forecast Pro is an affordable, comprehensive, easy to use forecasting package ideal for both business and academic users.
iqast forecast desktop & iqast forecast server Recurrent Neural Networks, EARTH, Time Series Clustering for New Product Forecasting, Automatic History Cleansing, Double & Triple Seasonal Exponential Smoothing iqast is a pioneer in forecasting with artificial intelligence, machine learning and recent academic developments in management science, predictive analytics and statistics for forecasting.
Logility Voyager Solutions Integrated Business Planning, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning An accurate forecast that is flexible and responsive to changing conditions is critical in today's competitive market.
Optimal Scientist none needed  
OxMetrics Enterprise See or for new features available in OxMetrics 8 (release date May 2018).  
RASON Data Mining New service since June 2018; RASON "standalone server" for on-premise and private cloud use (May 2018). RASON, a modeling language + REST API, makes it easy to use forecasting, data mining and more in web and mobile applications.
RoadMap Global Planning Solution - 360 Forecasting by Patient and Customer, Event Calendars, AI-based Management Review of Forecast Changes Forecasting by patient can result in monthly forecasts which are 95%-99% accurate in biotech.
SAS Forecast Server Enhancements to count series analysis and forecasting, singular spectrum analysis and forecasting, state-space modeling, time series analysis, and time-frequency analysis.  
Smart Inventory Planning and Optimization Smart Demand Planning replaces SmartForecasts Integrated SaaS suite
SOLVENTURE LIFe - Leading indicator forecasting software Solventure LIFe's innovative solution is a new cloud based platform where you can forecast with global leading indicators. Solventure LIFe advanced predictive analytics help you make more accurate forecasts by including your external demand drivers into the forecasting practice. By connecting your timeseries to more than 2 million global indicators, you will be able to identify what drives your sales and how to improve the forecast.
Stata Stata forecasting is flexible and works with most of the newly implemented commands in the software. Stata is a complete, integrated statistical software solution.
Statgraphics Capabilities have been added for modeling big data. New Statlets support dynamic time series visualization, including multivariate data. Extensive statistical capabilities with emphasis on statistical modeling and data visualization.
Stratus Expanded data limits. Accessible through web browsers. Public version available over the Internet.
Vanguard Forecast Server Available in 104 languages. Configurable workflows. Management by exception. Support for S&OP/IBP. Enterprise scalability. For over 20 years, more than 3,400 companies in 68 countries have relied on Vanguard'­s forecasting and planning solutions.
XLMiner SDK Extensive PMML support, JSON read/write; much faster algorithms, notably KNN and Naive Bayes; Category Reduction and Missing Data Handling extended for multivariate use. XLMiner SDK brings powerful data mining and forecasting capabilities to C++, C# and Java developers, plus R and Python support.

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