DAS Practice Award Application Process

Application Process


Abstract submission deadline: August 3, 2020

Are you a decision analysis practitioner who has done some outstanding decision analysis?  Has it made a significant difference in a critical decision?  Would you like to be recognized for your contribution?  If so, please consider competing for the 2020 Decision Analysis Practice Award.

About the Award

The Decision Analysis Practice Award is sponsored jointly by the Decision Analysis Society and the Society of Decision Professionals. It is given annually to the best decision analysis application, as judged by a panel of members of both Societies. The award includes a cash prize of $750 and assistance in getting the work published in a suitable journal, if the winner so desires. The winner of the Practice Award is also invited to present their work at the Decision Analysis Affinity Group (DAAG) conference the following spring.

How does the Competition Work?

Applicants submit a nomination form, abstract, and client testimonial by August 3. The Award Committee selects three finalists. The three finalists present their work at the INFORMS Annual Meeting, where the Award Committee selects and announces the winner. The 2020 INFORMS Annual Meeting will be held November 8-11 in Washington, DC, virtually, or both.

For this award, decision analysis is broadly defined based on the definition used for publication in the INFORMS journal Decision Analysis (http://pubsonline.informs.org/journal/deca#).

The presentations will be judged by considering: 1) the importance of the problem, 2) the quality of the decision analysis techniques, 3) the centrality of the analysis to the decision-making process, and 4) client perceptions of the decision analytic process and its impact.

Submitters are responsible for obtaining any company or agency clearances necessary to allow presentation of the work. Aspects of the application or results may be disguised as necessary to preserve confidentiality, provided that the material that is disclosed is sufficient to allow evaluation of the work. We encourage co-authored submissions where appropriate.

For more information on the prize and a list of past winners, see

How to Submit your Nomination?

Download and complete the Nomination Form. Send the completed Nomination Form, a Client Testimonial, and any other supporting materials to Mike Runge (mrunge@usgs.gov) and Eyas Raddad (eyas@lilly.com) by August 3, 2020.


If you have any questions, please contact Mike Runge (mrunge@usgs.gov) or Eyas Raddad (eyas@lilly.com), co-chairs of the 2020 Decision Analysis Practice Award Committee.

DA Practice Award 2020 Nomination Form