Public Sector Operations Research Best Paper Award

2020 Winner(s)

Winning material: Improving Farmers’ Income on Online Agri-Platforms

Purpose of the Award

The INFORMS Public Sector Operations Research Best Paper Award, sponsored by the PSOR Section, recognizes research judged to be of the best quality in all of the disciplines and application areas represented within PSOR. Through this competition, PSOR seeks to build a tradition of scholarly exchange of knowledge of public policy, programs, safety, service, and needs within the entire INFORMS community.

Application Process

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Past Awardees

2020 Winner(s)
Somya Singhvi, Massachusetts Institute of Technology Retsef Levi, Massachusetts Institute of Technology Manoj Rajan, Rashtriya e Market Services Private Limited
Yanchong Zheng
2020 Finalist
 Arielle Anderer , University of Pennsylvania
Hamsa Bastani, University of Pennsylvania  John Silberholz , University of Michigan 
Shubham Akshat, Robert H. Smith School of Business, University of Maryland
Sommer Gentry, United States Naval Academy S. Raghavan, University of Maryland, Robert H Smith School of Business
Scott Rodilitz, Yale School of Management
Vahideh Manshadi, Yale School of Management
2019 Winner(s)
Daniel Adelman, University of Chicago Booth School of Business
2019 Finalist
Edward H. Kaplan, Yale University Scott Rodilitz, Yale School of Management
Yao Cui, Cornell SC Johnson College of Business
Andrew Davis
2019 Runner-Up
Jason Acimovic, Penn State
Christopher Parker, American University
David Drake, University of Colorado
Karthik Balasubramanian
2018 Winner(s)
Taylor Corcoran, UCLA
Fernanda Bravo, UCLA
Elisa Long
2018 Finalist
Rahul Swamy, University of Illinois
Douglas M. King, University of Illinois
Sheldon H. Jacobson, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Jean Kiddoo, Federal Communications Commission Evan Kwerel, Federal Communications Commission Sasha Javid, Federal Communications Commission Melissa Dunford, Federal Communications Commission Gary Epstein, Federal Communications Commission Charles E. Meisch, Jr., Federal Communications Commission Karla L. Hoffman, George Mason University, System Engineering & Operations Research Dept. Brian Smith, NCI, Inc. Anthony Coudert, NCI, Inc. Rudy Sultana, NCI, Inc. James Andrew Costa, NCI, Inc. Steven Charbonneau, NCI, Inc. Michael A. Trick, Carnegie Mellon University, Tepper School of Business Ilya Segal, Stanford University Kevin Leyton-Brown, University of British Columbia Alexandre Fréchette, University of British Columbia Neil Newman, University of British Columbia Dinesh Menon, Decisive Analytics Corporation Paul Salasznyk, Emprata LLC
Zhaowei She , Georgia Institute of Technology
Turgay Ayer, University of Wisconsin, Madison Daniel Montanera , Georgia State University
2018 Runner-Up
Soroush Saghafian, Harvard University Wallace J. Hopp, Dept. of Industrial and Operations Engineering
University of Michigan
2017 Winner(s)
Ronghuo Zheng , McCombs School of Business, University of Texas at Austin Tinglong Dai, Carey Business School, Johns Hopkins University Katia Sycara , Robotics Institute, Carnegie Mellon University
2017 Second Place
Selin Merdan, University of Michigan Christine Barnett , University of Michigan Brian T. Denton, University of Michigan  James E. Montie, University of Michigan David C. Miller , University of Michigan
2016 First Place
Priyank Arora , Scheller College of Business, Georgia Tech Ravi Subramanian, Scheller College of Business, Georgia Tech
2016 Second Place
Hsin-Tien Tsai Pnina Feldman Jun Li, The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania
2016 Third Place
Qiushi Chen Jagpreet Chhatwal, Merck Research Laboratories Turgay Ayer, University of Wisconsin, Madison
2015 First Place
Shivam Gupta Milind Dawande, University of Texas at Dallas Ganesh Janakiraman Ashutosh Sarkar
2015 Second Place
Eike Nohdurft Elisa Long Stefan Spinler, WHU-Otto Beisheim School of Management
2015 Honorable Mention
Na Li Nan Kong, Purdue University, Biomedical Engineering Quanlin Li Zhibin Jiang
2014 First Place
Monica Gentili, Universita Di Roma, Italy Nicoleta Serban, Georgia Institute of Technology Julie L. Swann, Georgia Institute of Technology, School of Industrial & Systems Engineering
2014 Second Place
Alex Mills, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill Jonathan Helm, Indiana University Yu Wang
2014 Honorable Mention
Yan Deng, University of Michigan Siqian Shen, University of Florida Brian T. Denton, University of Michigan
2013 First Place
Itai Ashlagi , MIT Peng Shi, University of Southern California
2013 Second Place
Edieal Pinker Tolga Tezcan
2013 Honorable Mention
Senay Solak, University of Massachussetts-Amherst Armagan Bayram, University of Massachusetts Amherst
Weihong Hu Alejandro Toriello Xiang Liu Mariel Lavieri, University of British Columbia
2012 Second Place
Timothy Chan, Massachusetts Institute of Technology Derya Demirtas Roy H. Kwon
2012 Honorable Mention
Prem Swaroop, University of Maryland Michael O. Ball
Özlem Ergun, Georgia Institute of Technology
School of Industrial/Systems Engineering
Luyi Gui Atalay Atasu Beril Toktay
2012 Finalist
Krishnan S. Anand, University of Utah Francois Giraud-Carrier
2011 First Place
Yina Lu Linda Green, Columbia Business School
Carri W. Chan, Columbia University
2011 Second Place
Michael Fry, University of Michigan Muer Yang
2011 Finalist
Jessica Heier Stamm, Georgia Institute of Technology, School of Industrial & Systems Engineering
Kathleen Hendrix, Georgia Institute of Technology