Turgay Ayer

Turgay Ayer

Past Awards

M&SOM Best Paper Award : Winner(s)

Sanjay and Panna Mehrotra Research Excellence Award: Finalist

MSOM Society Award for Responsible Research in Operations Management : Winner(s)

Public Sector Operations Research Best Paper Award: Finalist
Winning material: Pay-for-Quality or Pay-for-Selection? An Analysis of the Capitation Payment Models in Healthcare
Best Paper Award: Winner(s)
Winning material: When IT Creates Legal Vulnerability: Not Just Overutilization but Underprovisioning of Health Care Could be a Consequence

M&SOM Practice-based Research Competition : First Place
Franz Edelman Award: Finalist

Public Sector Operations Research Best Paper Award: Third Place
Winning material: “Optimal liver cancer surveillance in hepatitis C-infected population”
2016 - Third Place
Pierskalla Best Paper Award: Finalist
Winning material: “Prioritizing Hepatitis C Treatment in U.S. Prisons”

MSOM Student Paper Competition: Second Place
Winning material: “Personalizing Breast Cancer Screening Policies”
DAS Student Paper Award: Finalist
Doing Good with Good OR - Student Paper Competition: First Place
Winning material: Redesigning the Breast Cancer Screening Policies: Personalized Mammography Screening
INFORMS President Rina Schneur congratulating the winner, Turgay Ayer

Seth Bonder Scholarship for Applied Operations Research in Health Services: Awardee(s)
Gino Lim, HAS representative, and Turgay Ayer, Award Recipient