Franz Edelman Laureates: Class of 1980


Team: Kelly-Springfield Tire Company
Paper: Coordinating Decisions for Increased Profits
Laureates: Robert H. King, Kelly-Springfield Tire Company
Robert R. Love, Jr., Kelly-Springfield Tire Company


Team: Pugh-Roberts Associates
Paper: Naval Ship Production: A Claim Settled and a Framework Built
Laureates: Kenneth G. Cooper, Pugh-Roberts Associates
Team: The Chessie System
Paper: Boxcars, Linear Programming, and the Sleeping Kitten
Laureates: Lee C. Brosch, Chessie System
Richard J. Buck, Chessie System
William H. Sparrow, Chessie System
James R. White, Chessie System
Team: Xerox Corporation
Paper: Evaluating A New Market: A Forecasting System For Non-Impact Computer Printers
Laureates: Shmuel S. Oren, Xerox Corporation
Michael H. Rothkopf, Xerox Corporation
Richard D. Smallwood, Xerox Corporation
Team: Getty Oil Company
Paper: Implementing Effective Risk Analysis at Getty Oil Company
Laureates: Lynn B. Davidson, Getty Oil Company
Dale O. Cooper, Getty Oil Company
Team: General Research Corporation
Paper: Improving Strength Forecasts: Support for Army Manpower Management
Laureates: Betty W. Holz, General Research Corporation
James M. Wroth, General Research Corporation