Franz Edelman Laureates: Class of 2001


Team: Merrill Lynch
Paper: Pricing Analysis for Merrill Lynch Integrated Choice
Laureates: Stuart Altschuler, Merrill Lynch Management Science Group
Donna Batavia, Merrill Lynch Strategic Marketing Services
Jeff Bennett, Merrill Lynch Strategic Marketing Services
Russ Labe, Merrill Lynch Management Science Group
Bonnie Liao, Merrill Lynch Management Science Group
Raj Nigam, Merrill Lynch Management Science Group
Je Oh, Merrill Lynch Management Science Group 


Team: General Motors Corporation
Paper: A Multimethod Approach for Creating New Business Models: The General Motors OnStart Project
Laureates: Vince Barabba, General Motors Corporation
Chet Huber, GM Corporation, OnStar Headquarters
Fred Cooke, GM Corporation, OnStar Headquarters
Nick Pudar, General Motors Corporation
Jim Smith, GM Corporation, OnStar Headquarters
Mark Paich, Decisio 
Team: Jan de Wit Company
Paper: Optimization of the Production Planning and Trade of Lily Flowers at Jan de Wit Company
Laureates: José Vicente Caixeta-Filho, Universidade de São Paulo
Jan Maarten van Swaay-NetoInterativa S/C Ltda.
Antonio de Pádua Wagemaker, Wagemaker Consultoria Ltda.
Team: National Broadcasting Company (NBC)
Paper: NBC's Optimization Systems Increase Revenues and Productivity
Laureates: Srinivas Bollapragada, General Electric Research & Development Center
Hong ChengGeneral Electric Research & Development Center
Mary PhillipsGeneral Electric Research & Development Center
Marc GarbirasGeneral Electric Research & Development Center
Michael Scholes, NBC
Tim Gibbs, NBC
Mark Humphreville, NBC 
Team: Samsung
Paper: SLIM: Short Cycle Time and Low Inventory in Manufacturing at Samsung Electronics
Laureates: Robert C. Leachman, University of California at Berkeley
Jeenyoung Kang, IBM Korea, Inc.
Vincent Lin,  Leachman and Associates LLC
Team: United States Army Recruiting Command (USAREC)
Paper: Reinventing Army Recruiting
Laureates: James A. Knowles, USAREC
Greg H. Parlier, USAREC
Gregory C. Hoscheit, USAREC
Rick Ayer, USAREC
Kevin Lyman, USAREC
Robert Fancher, USAREC