Franz Edelman Laureates: Class of 2018


Team:              Federal Communications Commission

Paper:              "Unlocking the Beachfront: Using Operations Research to Repurpose Wireless Spectrum"

Laureates:         Steven Charbonneau, NCI Inc

                         James Andrew Costa, NCI Inc

                         Anthony Coudert, NCI Inc

                         Melissa Dunford, Federal Communications Commission

                         Gary Epstein, Federal Communications Commission

                         Alexandre Fréchette, University of British Columbia

                         Karla Hoffman, George Mason University

                         Sasha Javid, Federal Communications Commission

                         Jean L. Kiddoo, Federal Communications Commission

                         Evan Kwerel, Federal Communications Commission

                         Kevin Leyton-Brown, University of British Columbia

                         Charles E. Meisch, Jr., Federal CommunicationsCommission

                         Dinesh Menon, Decisive Analytics Corporation

                         Neil Newman, University of British Columbia

                         Paul Salasznyk, Ph.D., Emprata LLC

                         Ilya Segal, Stanford University

                         Brian Smith, NCI Inc

                         Rudy Sultana, NCI Inc

                         Michael Trick, Carnegie Mellon University


Team:               China National Petroleum Corporation

Paper:               "Natural Gas Pipeline Transmission Optimization for China National Petroleum Corporation"                  

Laureates:         Tianhu Deng, Tsinghua University

                        Jingkuan Han, China Petroleum Planning and Engineering

                        Dingzhi Liu, China Petroleum Planning and Engineering

                        Zuo-jun (Max) Shen, University of California, Berkeley/ Tsinghua University

                        Mengying Xue, Tsinghua University

                        Junchi Ye, Tsinghua University

                        Yanfang Zhao, China Petroleum Planning and Engineering Institute

                        Zhongde Zhao, China Petroleum Planning and Engineering Institute

                        Shuhui Zhou, China Petroleum Planning and Engineering Institute 

Team:               Europcar

Paper:               "Opticar - Forecast, Simulation, and Optimization for the Vehicle Rental"                    

Laureates:         Umberto Dellepiane, ACT Operations Research

                        Julien Guillen, Europcar International

                        Raffaele Maccioni, ACT Operations Research

                        Alessandro Pinzuti, ACT Operations Research

                        Enrico Procacci, ACT Operations Research

                        Pierre Ruiz, Europcar International

Team:               Intel

Paper:               "Analytics Makes Inventory Planning a Lights-Out Activity at Intel Corporation"

Laureates:         Diana Bryant, Intel Corporation

                        Karl Kempf, Intel Corporation

                        Matthew Manary, Intel Corporation

                        Anthony (Tony) Romero, Intel Corporation

                        Brian Wieland, Intel Corporation

                        Sean Willems, University of Tennessee


Team:               Pediatric Heart Network

Paper:               "Collaborative Systems Analytics: Establishing Effective Clinical Practice Guidelines for

                        Advancing Congenital Cardiac Care"

Laureates:         Michael Gaies, MD, MPH, University of Michigan C.S. Mott Children's Hospital

                        Eva K. Lee, PhD, Georgia Institute of Technology

                        William Mahle, MD, Children's Healthcare of Atlanta

                        Susan C. Nicolson, MD, Children's Healthcare of Philadelphia

                        Richard G. Ohye, MD, University of Michigan C. S. Mott Children's Hospital

                        Gail D. Pearson, MD, ScD, Pediatric Heart Network

                        Lara S. Shekerdemian, MD Texas Children's Hospital

                        Madolin K. Witte, MD, Primary Children's Hospital

Team:               Turner Broadcasting System, Inc.

Paper:               "Turner Blazes a Trail for Audience Targeting on Television with Operations Research and Advanced Analytics"

Laureates:         Jose Antonio Carbajal, Turner Broadcasting System, Inc.

                        Wes Chaar, Turner Broadcasting System, Inc. 

                        Andreea Popescu, Turner Broadcasting System, Inc. 

                        Peter Williams, Turner Broadcasting System, Inc.