Franz Edelman Laureates: Class of 1986


Team: Citgo Petroleum Corporation
Paper: The Successful Deployment of Management Science Throughout Citgo Petroleum Corporation 
Laureates: Darwin Klingman, University of Texas at Austin
Nancy Phillips, University of Texas at Austin
David Steiger, D.S.I Consulting
Warren Young, Citgo Petroleum Corporation 


Team: Electronic Data Systems Corporation (EDS)
Paper: PLANETS: A Modeling System for Business Planning
Laureates: Robert L. Breitman, Electronic Data Systems Corporation
John M. Lucas, Electronic Data Systems Corporation 
Team: General Motors Corporation
Paper: Reducing Logistics Costs at General Motors
Laureates: Dennis E. Blumenfeld, General Motors Research Laboratories
Lawrence D. Burns, General Motors Research Laboratories
Carlos F. Daganzo, University of California, Berkeley
Michael C. Frick, General Motor Research Laboratories
Randolph W. Hall, University of California, Berkeley 
Team: Homart Development Company
Paper: Asset Divestiture at Homart Developing Company
Laureates: James C. Bean, University of Michigan
Charles E. Noon, University of Michigan
Gary J. Salton, Homart Development Company 
Team: Mobil Oil Corporation
Paper: Real-Time, Wide Area Dispatch of Mobil Tank Trucks
Laureates: Gerald G. Brown, Naval Postgraduate School
Carol J. Ellis, Mobil Oil Corporation
Glenn W. Graves, University of California, Los Angeles
David Ronen, Naval Postgraduate School 
Team: SANTOS, Ltd
Paper: Optimizing SANTOS's Gas Production and Processing Operations in Central Australia Using the Decomposition Method
Laureates: Elmer L. Dougherty, University of Southern California
Dennis Dare, SANTOS LTD
Peter Hutchison, SANTOS LTD
Enrico Lombardino, MARACO, Inc.