Community Prizes and Awards

Optimization Society

Awards four prizes annually at the INFORMS annual meeting. The award winners will be invited to give a presentation in a special session sponsored by the Optimization Society during the INFORMS Annual Meeting (the winners will be responsible for their own travel expenses to the meeting). Award winners are also asked to contribute an article about their award-winning work to the annual Optimization Society newsletter.

Section on Finance

Identify current and potential problems and contributions to their solutions; to lead in the development, dissemination, and implementation of knowledge, basic and applied research and technologies in the area of finance.

Service Science Section

Promote and disseminate research and applications among professionals interested in theory, methodologies, and applications in Service Science, which cuts across the fields of services business strategy and modeling, service operations research and management, information systems, marketing science and analytics, management science, e-commerce and e-business, industrial engineering, and social and cognitive science.

Social Media Analytics Section

Academic significance (originality, depth, and completeness of the work and its potential impact on future research); and Engineering or business relevance (importance of the problem and its impact on engineering or business practice).

The Practice Section

The Practice Section of INFORMS serves the entire community of full-time and part-time practitioners. Thus, while it concentrates on practical applications, The Practice Section has wide interests that range over the full scope of OR/MS methods and fields of application. 

Transportation Science and Logistics Section

Sustained, specialized focus on Air Transportation, Freight Transportation and Logistics, Urban Transportation Planning and Modeling, Facility Logistics, and Intelligent Transportation Systems, including current and potential problems and contributions to their solution, and supports efforts to extend, unify, and integrate related branches of knowledge and practice.


The focus of the Student Excellence Award competition is the advancement of O.R. methodologies to solve real-world problems. Applicants must demonstrate original research that can be applied to a real-world problem in areas to include energy, health care, information technology, national security, production and distribution, service industries, transportation and logistics.